Lyft and Aptiv Launch Self-Driving Taxis in Las Vegas


Lyft  pic
Image: Lyft .com

Following positions at Morgan Stanley and Noble Group, New York resident Sudeep Moniz is now employed by NIC Holding Corporation. Sudeep Moniz has numerous interests, including the trend toward autonomous vehicles.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, self-driving taxis provided over 400 rides to 20 preprogrammed destinations. A collaboration between Lyft and Aptiv, the taxis performed very well on Las Vegas’ notoriously busy and unpredictable city streets, giving customers a glimpse of the future of autonomous cars and how they might serve the public. Overall, the self-driving cars received very high consumer ratings throughout the time of the conference.

A pilot, or safety driver, accompanied each self-driving taxi. The highly trained pilot, who is not allowed to speak to passengers, takes over if something goes wrong. He or she also pulls out onto city streets from private property and handles unexpected situations such as construction traffic, lane changes, or inclement weather.

A tablet mounted between the back and front seats serves as an interface between rider and taxi. The tablet showcases a brief overview of the technology, allows the passenger to stop and start, and displays the data the car is constantly analyzing.

Lyft hopes to pilot similar programs in other cities across the United States. The company predicts that self-driving cars will reduce accidents as well as traffic, thus benefiting society as a whole.