Cardio Workouts in Soccer and Other Sports

Soccer pic

Sudeep Moniz, an energy sector financial services professional, studied engineering management systems and operations research at Columbia University in New York. Beyond his professional activities, Sudeep Moniz enjoys staying active by playing and watching soccer.

Playing soccer provides individuals with a thorough cardio workout. At the professional level, the average soccer player runs about seven miles per game. SportVU technology has even seen individual players reach closer to the 10-mile mark over the course of a 90-minute game. With that said, recreational players do not always engage in full-length games on a professionally sized soccer field. Additionally, the distance covered per game can vary widely based on the player’s position. Fore example, goalkeepers are likely nowhere near the seven-mile average, while midfielders are almost constantly in motion.

Studies have shown that soccer edges out other major sports in terms of miles run per contest. Basketball players often run between two and three miles per game, while tennis players run three to five miles despite playing on a court measuring only 27 feet wide and 39 feet long on each side.
On the other end of the spectrum, American football players are in action for about 11 minutes per game, with positions that run just over one mile each game. For baseball, a home run equates to just 360 feet of jogging, meaning a player would need to hit 14 home runs and chase down a number of long fly balls to hit the one-mile mark.