NCAA Announces New College Basketball Ranking System


NCAA pic

The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in operations research from Columbia University, Sudeep Moniz is a financial services professional who has worked in New York since 2016. Beyond his professional pursuits, Sudeep Moniz is a passionate college basketball fan.

The NCAA announced widespread changes to its rule book in early August in an effort to stabilize its athlete-recruiting system and allow more freedom to student-athletes. Another change that was announced involves the ranking system. Since 1981, college basketball teams have been ranked by the Men’s Basketball Committee (MBC) for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship using the RPI index, but the committee will now employ the NCAA Evaluation Tool (NET) moving forward.

Developed through consultation with Google Cloud Professional Services as well as basketball analytics experts, the National Association of Basketball Coaches, and the MBC, NET not only factors in game results but also advanced statistics such as strength of schedule, scoring margin, and net offensive and defensive efficiency, among other measures.