BMW Reveals Concept for Self-Driving Electric Car

BMW pic

The holder of a bachelor’s degree in operations research – engineering management systems from Columbia University, Sudeep Moniz is an experienced New York-based financial services professional. In addition to his professional pursuits, Sudeep Moniz is interested in autonomous driving and electric cars.

In September at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, BMW unveiled its concept for an electric, self-driving crossover SUV titled the BMW Vision iNext. That exact concept vehicle may not be released, but BMW executives confirmed that the company plans to have a similar car in production by 2021. The concept version included innovative technologies such as interactive projections and touch sensitive fabrics as well as the BMW-trademarked “kidney” grill, which is largely cosmetic but will serve the purpose of covering the front-mounted sensors and cameras that enable its autonomous driving capabilities.

The interior is covered in richly textured fabrics and includes a table-like structure between the two front seats. BMW engineers are hoping to develop technology that would allow the table’s surface to have touchpad capabilities. The various innovations inside the vehicle, however, will be invisible until required in what BMW is dubbing Shy-tech. For instance, when the vehicle is in autonomous mode, the accelerator pedal and brake retract into the floor, while the steering wheel moves away from the driver. This contributes to the comfort of passengers. The vehicle was also introduced to journalists at airports in Munich, Beijing, and San Francisco.