Brazil Turns to Right in Recent Presidential Election


Brazil pic

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In contrast to the political pendulum in the United States, which swung back toward the center in its recent elections, Brazil’s has moved to the right. As reported by the BBC, former army captain and longtime Congressman Jair Bolsonaro earned an overwhelming victory in the country’s October presidential election.

Portraying himself as a defender of Brazil’s traditions, the far-right politician has drawn controversy through outsized rhetoric that draws support among those who blame the left for the country’s recent economic and social woes. Of particular concern to voters were issues of crime and public safety, which were seen as having deteriorated. Mr. Bolsonaro also highlighted the instability of neighboring Venezuela, which he claims has suffered under a succession of leftist politicians, in support of his cause.

The right-wing politician’s election in the face of a shift in U.S. politics reflects the distinctiveness of world politics, with unique regional trends often occurring.